I Just Joined the TARGET Program, now what?

Congratulations on taking the next step towards becoming a better guitarist! We appreciate that you have decided to join our TARGET subscription program, it's because of members like you that we can continue to produce amazing guitar lessons.

With the Complete TARGET Program</strong> you now have access to every lesson on the site, this includes the Acoustic Genius Series and the Fly on the Wall Series, which are offered exclusively to our TARGET Subscribers.
You have also unlocked access to the T.A.R.G.E.T Members Only Forum Section, where you have direct access to Neil, Vanessa & Max to ask question about the lessons you are working on, request new lessons and much more.
Finally, you now have access to the TARGET Student Video Reviews section, this exclusive feature give you the opportunity to upload a video of yourself working on a song, which Neil will review and send video feedback on how you can improve.
With the TARGET Lite Program you are now granted access to 2 Song Lessons each month, head over the the " My TARGET Lite" page to view the list of available lessons, you will also find a Tutorial link at the top of the page to guide you on how to add your first two song lessons. Each month you stay in the TARGET Lite program you get to add 2 new song lessons to your collection.
You will find that all our lessons have a "Free Preview" link that you can use to get a peek at the lesson before adding it to your library.
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