Missing Lesson Segments & Questions about Content

We leave the creation of the lessons up to our teachers, which means that each lesson is going to be different, some may have more content than others and some may have more attachments than others. 

When you have questions about a particular lesson segment of if something on the attachments is not clear we encourage you to post on our forum so that the teachers can help, they know much more about the lessons than our tech support staff and can offer much better guidance.

To access the community forum, click here, we recommend using either the lesson thread under New Lesson Releases, you can search for the lesson using the search box to the right of the forum above your Profile or use the Questions and Answers w/ Neil thread. 

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a lesson please connect with us, we are always happy to offer exchanges on lessons if you find they are not up to your expectations, when you email us please include the artist name and lesson title you would like to have in exchange for your lesson.

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