Unable to Log in or Reset Password

Please be aware that we recently relaunched the Totally Guitars website and the old and new site are completely separate from each other, if you had an account on the old site and have not yet created an account on the new site then you will not be able to log in on the new site.

Create your account on the new site here: https://totallylessons.com/sign-up

Use the exact same email and username that you had on the old site. We updated our security measures for passwords so if your old password isn't strong enough please create a new one in alignment with the new security guidelines. If you had lessons and/or a subscription on the old site, contact us and we will help you migrate your content over to your new account.

If you are already registered on the new site and can't log in, first try the password reset link 

If you don't receive the email to reset your password and have checked your junk and spam folder then use the contact us link to send us an email so we can assist you.

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